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Closed as of 02/28/2023 - Auctions are live
Closed as 02/28/2023
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About us

The Wall family has been the owners and operators of Public Hardware since 1924. It started as 3 brothers (John, Rand, and Harvey) and now is owned by Harvey's son, Buster. The original location was at 111 East Parrish St, Durham NC, but was moved in 1995 to its current location at 505 N. Mangum St, Durham NC, 27701 where we stayed untill Feb 2023.  As with most cases Durham related, we have a collective memory of what old Durham looked like. We have even had contractors ask us where things were located back in the day, or the correct original name of a building.
   The building we were best known for is no longer there. That has not kept us from keeping many of the nostalgic products you would have seen there. Hanging on our walls are many old tools, guns, knives, and household items we sold "back in the day".  Our building may be new, and considered non impressive by some standards, but our collection inside will make you catch your breath.
old newspaper

There are some traditions we can not get rid of. Like placing the family newborn on the same nail scale that has weighed all of our family newborns. Like giving our customers the personal service that they deserve. The same applies to our business.  We do what we say and we keep things simple. If you want a handful of nails, you can get a handful of nails. If you only need one bolt you do not have to purchase a box, you can just get one. We also try to always go look on the shelf when you call to ask if we have an item.
Public hardware family tadition
He knows it all

The owner- AKA the go-to-guy. He is a licensed plumber who spends his days looking for hard to find items and organizing all the deliveries. Most commonly known for breaking the computer.

Favorite quote: "I have forgotten more stuff than you will probably learn."
The contractors best friend

Everyone's favorite. The overall stud is known for his deliveries. He will be the one you see zipping up and down the road from job site to job site. It is not unlike him to change 2 times a day to please each job site.

Favorite Quote: "Mess with the bull and you will get the horns."
She is no longer a puppy, but you can catch her catching some ZZZ's in the office

She is just here for the treats, hugs, and more treats

Favorite snack: Anything on Busters Desk
The reason the store looks great

Although Alan is new with us, he has been in the hardware/retail business for a long time. He seems to be the fastest delivery drive ATM, giving Harv a run for his money

Favorite Food: French fries
Head office

Resident referee. Darlene is in charge of all office matters. She is not one to stay in the store all day, so catching her can be tricky.

She'd rather be at the beach.
2nd place

Current back-up to everything. She has  worked all the positions in the store and is the first on call when Buster (or anyone else) breaks the computer.  She has worked here since she was a child, so she knows a few things about what's around the store and where it can be found.

Labeled IT because she was the only one who knew how to turn on the computers.
that guy

Up-to-date on most gun related specs, and a hobbyist gun-smith. He also has over 13 years in hardware sales, which makes him a perfect fit for working here.

Favorite Quote: "You can lick it but you can't take it home."

The elusive Tommy can only be found during lunch time. Picture is unavailable due to rare sightings.
Durham, NC 27701
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