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Covid-We have supplies

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Published in be prepared · 1 April 2020
March 2020 was a suprise hit for everyone. We were told the virus was coming and we all must get n95 mask. Naturally everyone went to the big box stores that do not care about you, and did not stock their shelves with products, did not offer other options, and basically tried to avoid all the "crazy customers"

Public Hardware started to do the opposite. We started calling all our suppliers, we purchased as many things as we could, and we put a lot of items on "ship on arrival". We also got intouch with an apparel shop to to get a supply of reuseable facemask for our customers, these mask would come in every few days and we always called (or post) about them so our customers would know about the supplies.

You may ask yourself, how does Public Hardware get all these supplies when no one else has any? The answer is because we are independent, and we are not defined by what our brand requires. We have spent years looking in unique places for supplies, we have many sources outside of the normal. The internet still can not get the supplies we can because it takes a 1 on 1 communication with knowledgable people, who have even more sources they can share to get us in touch with the people we need.  While you were supporting Lowes and Homedepot, (who will always let you down in emergencies) we are over here creating a network of old school (and new school) sources to keep supplies going now when you need it most.   For shopping online for curb side pick up click this link

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